7 Different Types of Tile Flooring

When it comes to flooring in homes, tiles is an extremely popular material. They outlast any other flooring material, keep the home nice and cool in summer months. In short, tiles are a good investment.

Now comes the problem of choosing a tile as there are several options available. Tile flooring is manufactured from a variety of materials such as clay, stone, metal, terrazzo, quartz, etc.

Now, let us look at the 7 different types of tile flooring.

  • Travertine –
  • It is type of limestone, a byproduct of natural artesian springs, hot springs, and caves from around the world. Travertine was used in ancient Rome for the construction of temples, bathrooms, statuaries, and theatres. Travertine is naturally slip-resistant and an excellent choice for walkways, pool decks, bathrooms, etc.

  • Ceramic –
  • Ceramic tiles are manufactured from clay materials. It is quarried, prepared and then formed into mould. They can be best categorized as porcelain and non-porcelain. Porcelain tiles have more impurities than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. Porcelain clay is denser and less porous than ceramic clays. It is more durable and suited for heavy use. Non-porcelain ceramic tiles are on the other hand more economical and better suited for homes.

  • Marble –
  • Marble is highly durable, and comes in almost every colour due to the variability of component minerals. Tiles have multiple finishes, polished, honed, brushed, tumbled, and makes an ideal choice for any room in your home.

  • Slate –
  • Slate is a metamorphic rock, found in large deposits all over the world. It has been used in flooring for centuries and comes in a wide variety of colours. It is naturally slip resistance, even when wet.

  • Faux Wood –
  • It is a new trend. These actually are ceramic and durable, but has a wood like finish.

  • Granite –
  • Granite is a very dense and hard igneous rock. Once polished, it is resistant to scratching.

  • Onyx –
  • It is a translucent, calciferous stone similar to marble. It is a fragile type of stone and hence is

7 Different types of Tile Flooring