Some important points for civil site engineer

Civil engineer accomplishes several tasks at construction site. Given below, some points, tips and tricks essential for a civil engineer for doing rapid calculations and providing instant solutions to construction site problems.

Given below, some general points which civil site engineers should focus on to simplify the construction work whereas retaining the quality of construction.

Lapping should not be provided for the bars with diameters in excess of 36 mm.

Highest spacing for chair should be 1.00 m (or) 1 No per 1m2.
For dowels rod, lowest 12 mm diameter should be applied.

For Chairs, bars with minimum diameter of 12 mm should be utilized.
Longitudinal reinforcement should remain not below 0.8% and in excess of 6% of gross C/S.
Least bars for square column is 4 No?s and 6 No?s for circular column.
Main bars in the slabs should not be under 8 mm (HYSD) or 10 mm (Plain bars) and the distributors should not be under 8 mm and not in excess of 1/8 of slab thickness.

Least thickness of slab should be 125 mm.
Dimension tolerance for cubes should be + 2 mm.
Free fall of concrete is permissible maximum to 1.50m.
Lap slices should not be applied for bar greater than 36 mm.
Water absorption of bricks should not be in excess of 15 %.
PH value of the water should not be under 6.

Compressive strength of Bricks should be 3.5 N / mm2.
The binding wire in steel reinforcement should be required 8 kg per MT.
According to IS code for soil filling, 3 samples should be chosen for core cutting test for each 100m2.

Some important points for civil site engineer