Steps of how to Build a Foundation

What is a foundation?

A foundation is the lower part of a building structure. It is responsible for transferring the gravity loads to the earth. The size of a foundation depends on the type of the building. For example a tall building must have a strong foundation because it has to stand for a long time.

Here are the steps on how to build a foundation.

  • Pick a site and check the condition of the soil. Many times soil may not have great strength or have some other properties than can cause future problem. Therefore, it may require some special foundations.
  • Surveying the lot. This is to determine the actual corners of the foundation in order for it to be formed.
  • Dig the site for concrete to be poured in.

  • Install the footings 2 feet across. This properly spaces the form work allowing the space to lay foundation.
  • Seal the footings so that they are protected from moisture. Make sure to purchase a high quality sealer.
  • Square and level the form. After pouring concrete, the form cannot be adjusted.
  • Make the concrete to be poured
  • Pour the ready concrete into the form. After pouring it, use a trowel to level it and smooth it off. Note – Don’t forget to make grooves on the surface for avoiding a slippery surface
  • Once the concrete has dried, remove the forms. This will take atleast 24 hours.
  • Keep the concrete wet for atleast three days to avoid any cracks.

Steps of how to Build a Foundation