Earthwork Project Estimating

Softwares Architectural Project Estimating

We provide model based Project Estimating service from schematic narratives through final construction documents including Construction Estimating & Scheduling for Architects at the concept stage to measure, count, and price best materials & building objects such as walls, doors, and windows, automatically or manually.

We will create a three-dimensional model of all the materials and procedures for a land development project to insure accuracy for earthwork calculations, stockpile volume calculation, utilities, concrete and asphalt measurement and estimate cost. We will provide a summary that incorporates variables affecting earthwork such as stripping loss, ground subsidence and earth shrinkage.

We also offer other estimating services like cost modeling, cash flow projection, life cycle costing, change order management, job order costing, best value analysis and hard bid estimates.

On the basis of the BIM technology, we use powerful and efficient Estimating tool to assist architect with pre-construction efforts. The quantities are extracted based on object types and their dimensions. Quantity extraction methods are easily customized and are reusable for multiple projects. All quantities and scheduled tasks were represented in production and nothing was overlooked.

With our takeoff services architects can increase the efficiency of the project estimating process, improves communication and coordination between designers, builders and clients. Architects can check, refine & determining the associated materials and labor costs, formulate a bid (or estimate) as part of the bidding process, reduce expensive and time-consuming efforts to redesign projects to meet budget demands.

We also provide standard and customized Project Estimating Reports filled out in MS Excel spreadsheet for construction projects. Each managed quantity group can be assigned a distinctive color code for its 3D objects pasted into MS Excel for easy tracking and identifying objects associated with the quantities. These color codes help architects to identify, visually and clearly, what objects are used to generate the quantities.

Architects can also get an estimation of cost to construct a residential building or a commercial building. The final estimation for constructing a property can be reached on the basis of this report.

Earthwork Project Estimating