Three Best Tools for Construction Management

Softwares Tools for Construction Management

Construction management and the information technology (IT) may be distant from each other, but if they could gel together, the benefit is far-reaching and outstanding. The use of IT skills in the field of construction is now a common practice among the realty firms across the globe. It gives best client connections. With the right use of software-based tools at their disposal, construction managers attempt to deliver projects on-budget and in-time. That’s the exact aim of the developers behind construction project management tools. In this age of smart devices, the mobile-based applications,..

the information and the applications allow construction company employees to work in collaboration without being tied to a specific location. The old process of fixing with a computer is now almost outdated. Also, contractors are able to access their information from any portable computer, smartphone, tablet, or device. The only thing required is a decent internet connection. So moving to the cloud and deploying mobile resources have answered many challenges faced by the construction industry. Additionally, modern software solutions are well-equipped in terms of security and can provide better information protection. Acknowledging all these developments, here are the 3 best tools construction managers and other users can leverage for seamless construction project management.

One of the best tools of the construction management is Flippex. With Fippex, realtors have a way to control and organize content for your customers in one central location so they can find what they need, when they need it. It makes easier to do business. It shares and organizes documents, videos, marketing materials, communication and more. It let you know every time it's been shared, viewed, downloaded and by the interested clients. So, using this exciting software-based tool, now no more searching in document trees and digging through emails. Everything is organized in a way that actually makes sense. It saves valuable times. Fippex utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When the site is accessed using a web browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 2048 bit encryption technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that all data is safe, secure and available only to registered Users granted access by a client organization. It uses a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications. Our data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data. This software uses one of the best practices and procedures pertaining to password storage, SSL encryption, logout due to inactivity, restriction of the number of IP addresses to specific accounts and more. Due to the sensitive nature of the data residing on the Fippex platform, every measure is taken to ensure that client data is as secure as possible.

Procore construction management software is another useful tool to use in construction management. It is a cloud-based construction management software application. It promises to make the project management effortless, one task at a time. With Procore's easy-to-use and collaborative software, one can manage projects at anytime, from anywhere, with any Internet-connected device. The construction project managers are often unsatisfied with the software functioning in this field. They are really counting on old age methods like keeping data on notebooks, spreadsheet files to stay connected with the projects. Procore Construction Management tries to be more effective and avoids miscommunications. This software needs mobile devices which includes apps for both iOS and Android. This software-based tool can be opened from any computer for instant assess with a user ID and password. This means every web-connected machine has access to the software, so that your team members can get their work done wherever they are. Procore becomes the central repository for all change orders, RFI responses and statuses, schedule changes, project documents, and photos. Any documents impacting the project can be stored within the cloud. This software is sold using a single annual access agreement to cover all of your project teams' users. When providing an annual access agreement quote, the seller may ask how many users the buyer intend to have on Procore system – that's so Procore system can understand the scope of their client’s construction project management efforts and calculate how much training and support they'll have to provide for client’s account.

Saleslogix is important software in this respect. This software brings the opportunity to present real estate firms and their contractors and clients on the same platform. It is from the begining of the contact till project completion; Saleslgoix helps in keeping track of all documentation, interaction, and communications throughout the project’s duration. Users are empowered to share data across departments via a single database that can be accessed from both within and outside the office. Other features include entering all contacts and communicating with them in a consolidating place, keeping track of client meeting by role, and flagging and setting reminders for client communication about status updates, change orders, RFIs, and more

Contractors can get various files like RFIs (requests for information), RFCs (requests for comments), submittals, and change orders digitally all through the design and construction progression through version controls and remote access.