Download an exclusive e-book on Earthquake Engineering

E-book Download an exclusive e-book on Earthquake Engineering

Abbas Moustafa, ed., has written an exclusive e-book alias “The book Earthquake Engineering - From Engineering Seismology to Optimal Seismic Design of Engineering Structures”. There are fifteen chapters in this e-book which are provided by researchers and experts associated with earthquake and structural engineering.

By exploring this book, one can get most updated information & recent advancements in the sectors of seimology, earthquake engineering and structural engineering.

The book is specifically designed for graduate students, researchers and practicing structural engineers. The book provides useful information on seismicity, seismic hazard assessment and system oriented emergency response for unforeseen earthquake disaster, the nature and the components of solid ground motions and various other popular topics like dam-induced earthquakes, seismic stability of slopes and landslides.

The book also covers the dynamic response of underground pipes to blast loads, the optimal seismic design of RC multi-storied buildings, the finite-element analysis of cable-stayed bridges under strong ground motions and the acute psychiatric trauma intervention because of earthquakes.

Download an exclusive e-book on Earthquake Engineering