Quantity Take-Off software for extracting material quantities


Sheets Quantity Take-Off software for extracting material quantities
  • Open DXF/DWG standard CAD formats
  • Raster Management in PDF, BMP, JPG, etc. formats
  • Link up Price List items to Drawing entities

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  • Automatically acquire measurements from drawings
  • Your BoQ is updated as your drawing changes
  • Use your own CAD or the integrated PriMus-TO internal CAD
  • Download the FULL version for FREE

PriMus-TO is a software solution that allows you to quickly create a Bill of Quantities document directly from a DWG, DXF CAD drawing or Raster image (PDF, BMP, JPG formats)

  • The program has CAD and Bill of Quantities management functionalities.
  • With the PriMus-TO internal CAD, you can draw or modify the graphical entities in a DWG CAD file (i.e.: lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, hatches). With these same entities you can "Vectorize" a Raster image.
  • The Bill of Quantities data, acquired automatically from a CAD Drawing, can also be exported to PriMus Free UPP from where you can make further elaborations and adjustments.
  • You can install PriMus-TO on as many PCs as you like and collaborate with anyone... everyone can have the software for FREE thanks to Free UPP.
Quantity Take-Off software for extracting material quantities

To get a detailed overview of the full range of powerful design features that the program has to offer, you can access the Video Tutorial straight away.