How to resolve issues prior to foundation design

To make a perfect foundation design, the following vital points should be taken into consideration:

Make sure that the foundations are maintained as extremely shallow, suitable with atmospheric impacts and strength of the surface soil; specifically in flooded ground. Excavation in fatally flooded ground seems to be costly and slow.

Get rid of costly and complicated shuttering details specifically in hardened rafts. Proper care must be taken to examine the build aptitude.

The economics of the design can be significantly impacted with various factors like drop in the piling costs, upgrading in ground treatment, progression in soil mechanics, etc and various standard solutions are now obsolete. So, it is necessary to evaluate construction costs and methods on a regular basis.

Designers should be well versed with the presumptions provided in design, the inconsistency of ground conditions, infrequent inapplicability of refined soil analyses and the utility of construction.

Make proper evaluation to check the consistency of the soil.

Impact of construction on ground properties, i.e. vibration from piling, degradation of ground disclosed with excavation in unfavorable weather conditions, deduction of overburden, seasonal difference in the water-table, compaction of the ground through construction plant.

Impact of deviating shape, length and inflexibility of the foundation, and the requirement for movement and settlement joints.

Consequences on finished foundations with sulfate attack on concrete, ground movements because of frost heave, reducible clays, and the impacts of trees; also alterations in local environment, e.g. new construction, re-routing of heavy traffic, foundation of plant in adjacent factories inducing impact and vibration.

Rapid but costly construction may be more cost-effective as compared to low-cost but slow construction to clients requiring quick return on capital investment.

Impact of new foundation loading on existing nearby structures.

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How to resolve issues prior to foundation design