How to control or minimize segregation in concrete

Segregation in concrete refers to partition of concrete components due to inconsistency of concrete mix. The flow test can easily represent the bond of the concrete mix.

If the concrete is not integrated, the major particles of aggregate will be detached and will proceed towards the periphery. Another type of segregation occurs if concrete mix is provided on a wet surface. A cement particle generally moves from the center of the concrete mix and gives up the coarser material behind. Segregation is not calculated in qualitative terms but a knowledgeable professional can easily locate it.

A segregated concrete contains a variable strength and comparatively tends to cracking and leakages from the concrete. So, proper care should be taken to get rid of segregation in concrete to enhance the longevity of your structure.

Given below, some useful tips to avoid segregation in concrete:

  • The design of the concrete mix should be perfect with ideal quantity of water i.e. not too wet nor too dry.
  • Ensure the concrete is blended properly at the accurate speed in a transit mixture for relatively two minutes. Verify the performance of mixer on a daily basis regarding adequate equality of distribution of components in each batch.
  • Transmit the concrete mix properly. Select the perfect route through which the transportation of concrete mix can be done quickly.
  • Arrange the concrete in its final position rapidly. Never pour a concrete from greater heights.
  • Formwork should have been water resistant in order that paste should leakage from the forms. Check that formwork is not vibrated.
  • Ensure that concrete should not be streamed.
  • The vibrator should have been used properly and not to be utilized for extending a heap of concrete over a greater area.
  • Vibrate the concrete for just the exact time-not too long, not too less.
  • Employ chemical admixtures like air entraining agent in the mix. Entrained air helps in minimizing the possibility of segregation.
  • If any segregation is found in concrete, remixing should be performed to sustain it’s consistency.
How to control or minimize segregation in concrete