Various types of concrete mixers

The concrete is built up through a concrete mixer by mixing cement with aggregates like sand or gravel, and water. The concrete mixers attain the consistency of the mix as well as set the mix keeping the consistency unchanged.

The process for mixing the material of concrete may vary but it should be accomplished carefully to make sure that the consistency is maintained for allotment of materials in concrete mass. It can be evaluated with uniform color and reliability of concrete.

The machine that is employed for mixing concrete is called as the mechanical concrete mixer, or just concrete mixer.

Given below, two main types of Concrete Mixers:

01. Continuous Mixer: Continuous mixers are mostly found in large constructions like dams, bridges, etc., where large masses of concrete are utilized and the constant flow of concrete is needed.

02. Batch or Drum Mixer: Batch or Drum mixer is mostly recognized in construction sites. It contains a rotating drum with blades or baffles inside it. Under this type of mixer, all the materials of the desirable proportioned mix should be entered into the hopper of the rotating drum and then drum on being revolved at a specific speed combines the materials through a series of blades arranged inside. The produced mix is finally released from the drum and transported for use.

There are following two Types of Batch Mixers.

  • Tilting Mixers
  • Tilting mixers contain a conical or bowl-shaped drum having vanes inside. They are suitable for mixes of low adaptability and for those comprising of large size aggregate. The mixing chamber that is called as drum, is designated for discharging.

  • Non-Tilting Mixers
  • In non-tilting mixers, the axis of the mixer always remains in horizontal direction. The discharge is accomplished either by implanting a chute into the drum or by changing the direction of rotation of the drum to the reverse or hardly by partition of the drum.

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Various types of concrete mixers