RBG Reveal, The 4D Tool to Help in Virtual Designing and Construction

A new virtual platform has released in the construction market by structural engineer Robert Bird. This virtual platform provides a huge change in construction area and to deliver different types of property projects.

This type of 4D virtual platform allows the users to view, develop and identic the design and construction solution. Everyone can use this tool. Both co located teams and team working remotely can use this tool at a time.

RBG reveal is a in house platform and it allows the stakeholders to gather experience, collaborate and interact with users in a virtual environment.


1. RBG reveal is interactive to review model designing.
2. It also analyzes and validate models.
3. It also can unit all model data.
4. It has 4D based construction methodologies.
5. RBG reveal also customizes floating windows.
6. It has multiple modes of camera.
7. Is also can interact with 4D construction sequence timeline.
8. RBG reveal has different type of measurement tools.

Users also get help from virtual designs and construction for getting acuteness about permanent and temporary work designs. This type of virtual platform is also be used to increase the virtual construction rehearsals. This type of virtual platform also includes different type of construction methodologies and sequences of building.

This 4D based tool completely change the way of interacting, developing and communicating design and construction solutions in the history of construction industry. Designers can easily access this virtual platform to experience the construction visualization. It also helps the designers to understand the challenges and provides the idea of solutions to the designers.

This 4D based communication tool is very interactive tool in construction industry. This 4D based tool is based on BIM information so it provides perfect informative data to the users. According to Warhurst this virtual platform is very popular to users for high quality of visual and perfect informative data.


1. This is 4D based virtual platform.
2. This is very interactive and intuitional platform for using.
3. This type of 4D based platform provides accurate data to the users.
4. This type of software also analyzes all information regarding BIM models.
5. It is a good combination of designs and outcomes of construction.
6. This type of virtual platform allows the users to view, develop and identic the design and construction solution.
7. It is also used to increase the virtual construction rehearsals.
8. This 4D based tool is very good for providing high quality of visual and perfect informative data.

RBG reveal can also build assets both completed and under construction in a virtual environment. RBG reveal also provides the information that how much risk can be managed, overrun of cost, stipulated time to complete the project and why tenders must be awarded. It also provided engineering services and suggested engineers by other at end to the clients, project managers and contractors.

RBG reveal helps the designers for not only models and animations but also solve the engineering and construction problems by using virtual environment. It is very high effective method.

It also helps the client to experience and interact with build assets. it is way more strategic process than any other process in construction industry.

It also identifies the opportunities and different issues at early stage of design process. In reveal viewers can easily manipulate the visibility of the model and also see the surrounding situation like context and site. It can control object visibility very easily. It can complete perfect point to point measurement of scenes.

It also can save different measurement of design. It isolates the particular area with x ray viewer. RBG reveal also customize planar and box sections with visual clarity for assistance.

By using this tool users can explore the project in perspective of first person. It also can create and save the default viewpoints.

In this article we discussed about 4D based virtual platform for virtual designing and construction, Robert Bird Group and its innovative tool, 4D tool for construction visualization and many more.

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RBG Reveal, The 4D Tool to Help in Virtual Designing and Construction
Image Courtesy: newcivilengineer.com