6 helpful tips to avoid common construction delays

Construction area is a risky and high alert area. Any minor injury or accident can happen for a moment of distraction. Sometimes construction works get delayed and as a result the cost and problems create. There are many reasons of this delay; it can be happen for the communication gap, wrong planning, poor management or the unwanted raised blockers. Whatever may be the reason the result is same, the unwanted delay. This article is an overview of the problems and their solutions.

Most of the construction projects go out of control and costs back for the inability to finish the work on time. So it is important to be in schedule for maintaining the budget, but the industry is full of uncertainties so it is not possible. There are few tricks that can be used by the managers to avoid the crippling delays. The tricks are described below:

1. Minimize construction delays and blockers: The two types of problems prevent projects from finishing on time are delays and blockers. A construction delay happens generally when the things don?t go with plans; and as the construction is sometimes consecutive, it is often unavoidable. The cause of delay can be the absence of the subcontractor in the case of longer time work or delayed material shipments. Blockers are not like delays as it is a work whose completion is needful before other tasks could be completed. The best thing of avoid delaying is careful planning and the blockers should be identified at first.

2. Improve your management method:Inefficient management is another big reason for any project failure. Project managers are given the responsible to create that kind of project plan which has all the necessary elements and also deliver the completed project by the deadline. Sao the construction manager has several responsibilities and has to coordinate with the labors and materials in the job site for completing the work on time.A manager becomes great only when he can do the work before time with the problems and blockers.

3. Plan, plan, plan:A great project plan can be done when the project manager is always updated with the planning and enable quickly diagnose potential challenges and solve problem instantly before any delay. Many contractors start their projects without clear timeline or prior communication etc. and it is a big mistake. The project should always contain with the details and variables to avoid the delays. A successful plan always has unforeseen circumstances, clear guideline to finish it in right time. The software like eSUB or other software options can maintain the project planning.

4. Assign clear roles and responsibilities:The commercial construction projects have contractors, employees, subcontractors, managers and other peoples. And for any kind of failure, each party is equally responsible. Avoiding critical tasks lead the projects in delay. By establishing roles, responsibilities and focusing on the goal, the unwanted delays can be avoided. To get buy-in from everyone before beginning any project plan is essential. By talking with all the key players in a project, the involvement of the members in the project can be seen.

5. Schedule contractors far in advance:Two co creators of HGTV?s hit TV-show Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott have launched a venture called Dream Homes that addresses the problem about the timing for settle down a new project. Bridget McMullin of McMullin Design Group also warned that the contractors, designers and architects often delayed their work for the setting of the first meeting. To avoid delays and costs, you need to determine the time and the contractors. To complete all the process from arranging meeting to choosing contactors and making schedules, you need 3 months. So it is always better to be active in doing this entire works.

6. Establish clear communication between parties: The poor communications between two parties can turn the little problems into big delays. In the certain created challenges it becomes crucial to contact directly between the contractors and project management team. So as a contractor you must quickly diagnose asses and communicate with all eth members to make a solution. A guide of timely project completion by Design Blendz shows the benefits of good communications. The active participation of all the employees makes any project successful and completed in time.

Though the construction project management software has made it easier than earlier to deliver the right updates from the site to all the key stakeholders but this should be maintained properly. This practice can bring everyone in the same page and the production of work can be done faster.

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6 helpful tips to avoid common construction delays