Method Statement for setting up anchor bolts in steel structure

The process for erection of a pre-engineered structure like steel structure is a very complicated. It can?t be done without the proper assistance of qualified staff. Besides, a qualified QAQC Engineer should also examine the work of a construction team to make sure that the work is finished according to the project requirement.

While constructing the steel structure, the most difficult part is the installation of anchor bolts where it is taken as an ankle joint of a steel column. A method statement of the installation of anchor bolt should be formed to ensure that the method is perfect against the sanctioned drawing and it should conform with the safe working condition.

Given below, the method statement for installation of anchor bolts.

This method statement demonstrates and explains the process which should be abided by to install the anchor bolts for steel columns to fulfill the requirements of the project.


? Sanctioned Anchor Bolts Shop Drawing
? Sanctioned Material Submittal for Anchor Bolt
? Specification Section 0000 (Place specification section here)


? Anchor Bolts (Size place here)
? Nut
? Washer


? Construction Manager
? Project Engineer/ Site Engineer
? Foreman
? Surveyor and assistant surveyor
? Safety officers with helper
? Carpenters
? Skilled and unskilled labors

Equipment and Tools

? Total Station
? Level Machine
? Plywood base plates
? Spanners
? Water level
? Line dory/ Nylon chord
? Masking tape
? PPE such as safety tools such as safety ladders, warning tapes, safety sign boards ?etc


a. Apply sanctioned drawings for work preparation.
b. Apply sanctioned materials according to sanctioned drawings like anchor bolts length, diameter, number, and location.
c. To secure the anchor bolts, arrange a temporary wooden plate that comprises of holes related to the diameter, location and number of anchor bolts according to sanctioned drawings.

d. Secure the bolts in the temporary wooden plate properly.
e. Arrange the axis in the top of the neck columns so that the anchor bolts can be fixed properly.
f. Once the survey works is finished, then set the temporary wooden plate with the anchor bolts in the top of the neck columns.
g. Include the bottom part of the anchor bolts within the neck columns according to the sanctioned drawings.
h. After settling the temporary wooden plates align, level and fix correctly the anchor bolts according to sanctioned drawings.
i. The surveyor should take the responsibility to verify the alignment and the level of the anchor bolts after fixing.
j. The Engineer should examine the anchor bolts after fixing.
k. After getting it sanctioned by the Engineer, cover the anchor bolts with masking tape protection prior to concreting.

Method Statement for setting up anchor bolts in steel structure