Application of Waterproofing

The reason for the application of waterproofing is to forestall the water to permeate or enter into any underground concrete members. At the point when the water enters into the subgrade concrete-like establishment, for example, tangle establishment, balance, rafter, and so forth the steel fortification that is inserted in the concrete would erode because of a concoction response brought about by water and the structure would inevitably come up short.

Application of waterproofing particularly for enormous structures would need to be carefully administered by a quality specialist so as to forestall disappointment of application or dissention to the quality method.

In this technical explanation, we'll be going to utilize the membrane type waterproofing, this sort of waterproofing is fitting for structures like tall structures which has a more profound establishment where water pressure is amazingly high.

Here is the technique explanation for application of waterproofing membrane.

Reason and Coverage

The reason for this technique articulation is to portray the measures and methods of the best possible application of waterproofing membrane in our undertaking. Work will be completed according to the drawing and task determination.

Work strategy

Work readiness and application of primer: Any undulations or distensions on a superficial level would be expelled so as to get a smooth surface. The surface must be completely cleaned and liberated from dust, soil free materials, grease or oil. Then, some 50x50mm sized filet made of concrete sand (1:3) blend would be put along corners of dividers or neck segments and some other intersections.

Application: For flat waterproofing membrane application. Two layers of 4mm thick altered bituminous membrane will be laid completely burnt on blinding concrete with at least 100m end laps and 150mm side laps.

The blinding surface will be prepared with the primer suggested by the maker of the membrane before setting the membrane. Preceding succeeding works, the applied primer will be investigated by the Engineer 24 hours after the arrangement.

Waterproofing membrane establishment will be performed utilizing a chamber that takes care of propane gas light, trowel to seal the creases of the membrane and blade for cutting. The membrane is then positioned in the right burning position then removed for about portion of its length without changing its direction.

The membrane is then un-moved again and burnt on squeezing the softened territory against the substrate. Rehash this process till the whole length of the membrane is fortified immovably onto the surface then the subsequent membrane is laid similarly with a cover of 150mm toward the end and 100mm along the edge. An additional length of at least 300mm of the level membrane will be left to convey up the vertical surface to keep up congruity of the membrane and be ensured as above.

For vertical application, two layers of 4mm thick altered bituminous waterproofing membrane will be applied to every vertical surface of gunited shoring or blockworks divider. Before applying the waterproofing membrane, concrete surfaces will be prepared with primer suggested by the producer of the membrane yet of course it ought to be examined by the Engineer 24 hours after the situation.

The additional segment of 300 mm of the level membrane left will be turned up and wrapped on to the vertical prepared surfaces. The congruency of the membrane will be kept up by at least laps of 150mm membranes.

The membrane on the uncovered outside vertical surfaces will be conveyed up to at least 150 mm over the completed ground level (for example walkway, parapet, and so on.) and tucked into a constant furrow accommodated the equivalent and made sure about immovably with endorsed sealant/mastic suggested by the producer of the membrane.

The membrane fixed on the gunited or concrete divider will be shielded from any harm due to rebar fixing, formworks, cementing of the pontoon, holding divider works with endorsed type insurance board fixed to the membrane.

All zones of the membrane uncovered over the ground will be secured with fitting glimmering. Afterwards, investigation would be submitted for endorsement of the Engineer. Prior to fixing of steel fortification for establishment, the membrane will be secured by one layer of polythene sheet and poured with 50 mm thick layer of concrete sand tirade.


All works will agree to safety technique or guidance as set out in venture safety plan and region rules and guidelines. All safety proposals as prompted by the endorsed sub-temporary worker. Essential PPE has to be worn by all staff or workers. Give lighting when working around evening time.

Equipment, Materials and tools

1. Wildcat or JCB
2. Handcart
3. Metal tape
4. Light
5. blade
6. Changed Bitumen Membrane
7. Detail Section ? Waterproofing
8. Plan Drawings / blueprints

Application of Waterproofing