Top 10 Android Apps For Civil Engineering Students

Nowadays android apps are very popular because people look onto the apps to fulfill their needs and get help from it. There are some android apps available for civil engineering students also.

This apps will help the students to understand about any type of topics. Students can install or uninstall it any time. They have to download it from google play store. These apps are absolutely free of cost.

Top 10 android apps are mentioned below.


This app provides the students to view DWG in free. It has easy to use drawing and drafting tools. By using this tools user can view, edit, create, and share AutoCAD drawing anytime, anywhere. Users can easily access the sites by using the drafting and editing tool.


1. Users can upload and open 2D based DWG drawing from email or external storage and can view the aspects of DWG files.
2. Users are able to upgrade the app to AutoCAD 360 Pro to activate the editing and drawing tools.
3. Users are also able to use this app anytime anywhere.

Frame Design

This app is basically finite element app and it is very useful for civil and mechanical engineering students, architects. Users can edit hyperstatic structures, forces, supports both graphically and textually.


1. This app can make different profile groups and each group have different color.
2. Users can load cases and combinations. This app also includes safety factors.
3. F, T and q loads
4. By using this app users can fix and hinge connections at beam ends.
5. This app imposes deflections.
6. This app has shear, stress, deflection, reaction forces and also unity checks.
7. M, N, V, ux, uz, utot, pi, sigma, and unity checks output are available in this app.


This app is very helpful to edit hyper static beams, forces and support. The calculation is performed in the background without interrupting the work.

The features:

1. N, V, M, ux, uz, utot, pi, sigma and unit checks output are available in the app.
2. This app has different color based different profile groups.
3. Users can fix, hinge, roller support in any direction.
4. Users can fix and hinge connections at beam ends.
5. F, T, and q loads are available.
6. Load cases and combinations including safety factors are available in this app.

Concrete Mix Design

This app is very helpful to calculate the proportion of materials into the concrete mix. To calculate the mix proportion, it follows the guidelines IS: 10262-2009 and IS: 456. Different elements like water content, amount of cement, fine aggregate coarse aggregates and admixture content per 1 m3 of concrete depend upon the strength and slump value.

Users have to enter the grade of concrete, select the water cement ratio. After that users have to fill out the properties of materials and then have to press for calculating. The amount of the material will be shown in kg. /m3

Reinforced Concrete

By using this application users can calculate parameters of beams and reinforced concrete slab both in office and construction site. The application follows the union building construction law of Polish and Europe. It is based on Polish PN-B-03264:2002 and Europe EC2 EN: 1992-1-1 norm.

Civil Engineering Basics

This app is very useful for civil engineering students. It covers all the important topics, notes, materials, news on the course. Users can download this app as a reference digital book civil engineering programs and tech degree courses. This app has more than 60 topics with notes, diagrams, equations, formulas.


1. Provides quick revision to the important topics.
2. It can cover the whole syllabus before exam or interview.
3. It has more than 60 important topics.

Civil Engineering Reviewer

This application is a multiple-choice exam question reviewer. The questions are listed there from various subjects. This is a portable app. Users can use this app from anywhere anytime. More than 350 questions are listed in this application.

Civil Engineering Notes

By using this app students can understand every topic in civil engineering technology. This application is a very good choice for the students or users who will appear for competitive exams. There are many topics included in this app like engineering materials, construction planning and management, surveying, railway, highway engineering, structural analysis, open channel flow, walls, layers, Laminar flow, compaction of soil, sewerage systems, consolidation concept, kinematics and kinetics etc.

Top 10 Android Apps For Civil Engineering Students