Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight precast concrete structure material. It is made out of quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime cement, water and aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is utilized at a pace of 0.05%?0.08% by volume (contingent upon the predetermined thickness).

AAC items are utilized under warmth and weight in an autoclave. The different types of AAC are blocks, divider panels, floor and rooftop panels, cladding panels and lintels. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are utilized on both inside and outside development works.

AAC blocks give the structure imperviousness to fire and insulation. ACC materials are standard apparatuses to slice and molded to be used. It strongly suggested thermally protecting material for both inside and outside.

Points of interest of AAC:

1. The most significant bit of leeway of AAC is its lower natural effect.
2. Improved warm proficiency decreases the warming and cooling load in structures.

3. Magnificent soundproofing material and acoustic protector.
4. Exceptionally fire and termite-safe.
5. Produced in an assortment of structures and sizes.
6. Decreases venture cost.
7. AAC ingests dampness from air and discharges moistness.
8. Establishment of electrical and plumbing lines are simple.
9. Postage is increasingly affordable.
10. AAC is a sturdy material.
11. AAC required less nature of steel and concrete for basic individuals.

12. Masonry work is quicker because of the enormous size of the block.
13. Contrasted with customary concrete ecologically agreeable it produces under 30% strong waste.
14. Accuracy of the panels and blocks comprising autoclaved aerated concrete are definite size and shape before leave from the plant.
15. AAC blocks assimilate dampness and discharge dampness to make a lovely encompassing.
16. Improving warmth adequately diminishes the cooling and warming in buildings.


1. Installation of AAC in stormy climate conditions breaks shape after establishment to decrease the quality of mortar.
2. Be cautious to deal with clay bricks to keep away from wastage.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete