Benefits of embedments in reinforced concrete

Embedments in concrete ? Definition: Embedments stand for different elements which range from pipes, ducts, sleeves, and conduits. These are arranged in concrete elements for various purposes. Embedments are generally constructed from different materials. They are suitable for ventilation and passing cables.

Usually, embedments which are not injurious to concrete can be set up in concrete. Despite that, the work should be in an efficient manner so that no risk is enforced on the concrete structure.

Under normal circumstances, all embedments which are constructed from any substances harmless to concrete and enforce dangers to structure can be placed based on the given situation by adhering to ACI 318-11.

Passing pipes, conduits, and sleeves through slabs, beams, and walls are not allowed until concrete strength is not deteriorated drastically.

The arrangement of conduits, pipes, and their fittings implanted inside reinforced concrete columns are allowed on the condition that the total implantation area remains under 4% of total concrete cross section that is applied to work out column strength.

Conduits, pipes, and sleeves are permissible to be accepted as replacing structurally in compression the dislocated concrete if such embedments fulfill specific conditions.

As for example, they are constructed from iron or steel not thinner than standard schedule 40 steel pipe, not undergone deterioration, least spacing is three diameters, and highest inside diameter is 50mm.

Pipes and conduits (in outside dimensions) should not be in excess of 1/3 of complete thickness of slabs, beam, or wall in which they are implanted.

Spacing of pipes and conduits should have been minimum three diameters or width on center.

Pipes and fittings should have been created to resist the influence of materials, temperature, and pressure to which they are vulnerable to.

Avoid liquid and gas to be arrange into the pipe prior to concrete retain its design strength. Water is excluded from this condition only if its temperature remains under 32oC.

Pipes should have been arranged among bottom and top reinforcement in solid slabs except for those applied for snow melting and radiant heating.

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Benefits of embedments in reinforced concrete