Functionality and benefits of podium slab

Podium slabs belong to special type of floor system. The purpose of these types of slabs is to transmit the loads from a steel or wood frame structure over the slab to walls and columns underneath.

Various load bearing components like walls and columns of superstructure over the podium slab may not adapt to substructure load bearing components underneath. Generally, the superstructure is constructed from wood, metal studs or structural steel.

Normally, this type of slab is built up and arranged at ground level parking with 3-4 levels of traditional residential construction over.

How does podium slab work?

? It functions as a structural floor and transmit slab for loads from the above superstructure to the walls and columns underneath.
? Like a horizontal separation, podium slab operates as a fire separation among several building occupancy types.

Podium slab construction methods - The podium slabs are built up with the construction procedures given below :

? Post-tensions cast in place construction method
? Precast hollow core; this construction method is mostly recognized as it offers rapid safe working platform and outstanding construction speed.

Benefits of podium slabs:

? It offers strong partition among parking areas and living spaces and accordingly provides resistance against sound and fire.
? The use of post-tensioned two-way podium slab can reduce the overall density of the frame. It will lead to the lessening of excavation since the parking is below grade.
? There is no requirement for extra safety against fire for flat soffit on the condition that sufficient cover for rebars and post tensioning are arranged. Furthermore, the flat soffit allows for superior lighting, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

? Forms uncovered two to three days as soon as the post tensioning is applied.
? This type of slab is very reasonable in cost.
? It offers large open spaces at or under grade; as for instance parking and retail.
? In single family and multi-family residential structures, podium slab offers superior fire rating, degenerated sound transmission and floor vibration.

Functionality and benefits of podium slab