Benefits of post lintel structure

Post & Lintel is an easy form of construction that includes posts to bear horizontal beams or lintels found in timber-framed work or in columnar and trabeated architecture.

Stonehenge is a good example of post and lintel construction.

Post & Lintel System:

1. Post lintel belongs to a frame structure.
2. It is made of concrete materials by blending aggregates, gravel, sand and cement with water.
3. It is light weight or heavy weight structure.
4. The proportion of mixing comes as 1:2:4, 1:3:6 & 1:1.5:3 etc.
5. Currently, it can be utilized to form steel with regards to several codes and specifications like 80ksi, 60ksi & 40ksi.
6. 60ksi steel is mostly found.

Characteristics of post & lintels:

a. Post & lintels are illustrated as frame structure but columns and louvers.
b. Solid and void relationship is minor.
c. The invert beam is visible from above.
d. Existence of continuous beam.
e. The columns are arranged along the age of the building.

Benefits of post-lintel:

1. Post lintel structure in the outside facades enhances the appearance of the building.
2. Often, the enormous or inflexible masses are handled gently with the use of formwork of the post lintel to provide an elegant appearance.
3. Bigger space (column to column distance) of building can be designed in this system.
4. For the greater extent, the height of the lintel gets larger and for this a large distance appears as small due to the unavailability of clear height.

5. Sometimes, this issue produces visual disruption that can be resisted in flat slab.
6. The construction cost of this system is quite elevated for the laborious casting process of beam and slab and the application of R.C.C
7. The maintenance cost of this system is low as compared to other structural system because of it?s endurable characteristics.
8. Ingression of heat gets decreased in this system since the heat is transmitted from the slab to beam and then from beam to floor.
9. The control of openings allows the fewer amount of heat in the building.

10. Because of free flowing plan, the light and ventilation can easily be entered into the building.
11. This structural system contains less self-loads that can minimize the risk of earth quake.
12. The system can resist buckling or bending effect of the building from the powerful wind flow.
13. The system has good fire resistance strength for the construction material (R.C.C).
14. The system has fewer scope of failure as compared to other structural system.

Benefits of post lintel structure