Benefits of precast concrete construction

Precast concrete is one type of construction under which casting is done in a recyclable mould or ?form? and cured in a controlled surrounding as well as transmitted to the construction site and hoisted into place.

As precast concrete is developed in a controlled surroundings (precast plant), it becomes easier for plant employers to cure it perfectly and supervise carefully. Various types of precast concrete forming systems are available for architectural applications which vary in size, function and cost.

The precast concrete provides huge benefits due to the superior quality of the material formed in controlled conditions, as well as the lower cost of developing large forms utilized with concrete poured on site. It is primarily applied in the erection of buildings with repetitive design and components, like schools and apartments.

Given below, a wide array of benefits for utilizing precast concrete construction:

? Reduced Construction Time and Cost
With precast concrete construction, it is possible to save significant time as well as minimize the risk associated with loiter of project and prospective financial losses. Precast design and fabrication of elements begin when the construction site is under survey or earthworks. Because of the controlled surrounding of the casting area, production is not impacted with weather conditions. With the application of large precast panels, the time is curtailed significantly for the completion of the structural works so that other trades like painting and electrical wiring can be started quickly.

In traditional construction method, various laborious works like formworks, scaffoldings and curing are required to form a structural element. In precast concrete construction method, structural elements are formed in manufacturing plants whereas other activities are started at the construction site. At the time of requiring structural elements, they are delivered to the site right away and accumulated on regular basis, to build up the structural frame and encircle the building. In precast concrete manufacturing plants, there are modern machineries controlled by various technicians to look after specific production process.

? Superior quality and aesthetical value of products
Precast products are fabricated in a casting area where some vital factors like temperature, mix design and stripping time should be closely monitored and managed to make sure that the quality of precast products are superior as compared to cast-in-situ concrete. Significant amount of money will be saved as no rectification works are required. Because of factory-controlled prefabrication environment, various combinations of colours and textures are employed easily to the architectural or structural pieces. An extensive range of sizes and shapes of precast components are developed to offer good flexibility and fresher appearance to the structures.

? Cleaner and safer construction sites
The precast elements can significantly minimize traditional formworks and props. Precast construction also reduces the problem of site wastages and the associated environmental issues. A secure working platform is created for workers to act on with the prefabricated products. Requirements for workers and materials are also significantly minimized at the construction sites. By following just-in-time principles, the precast elements are preserved at the factory yard unless the site gets prepared for installation. There will be less wastage at both factory and construction sites because the elements are developed in the plant and mostly designed to be redundant.

? Superior unobstructed span
With the application of pre-stressed precast solutions like the Hollow Core slabs and Double-T beams, superior unobstructed span is obtained as compared to the traditional reinforced concrete elements. Bigger open space is created with fewer beams and columns. It is mostly suitable for the construction of places of worship, warehouses, halls, car parks, shops and offices.

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Benefits of precast concrete construction
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