Top 10 Best Construction Jobs for Career

There are many opportunities of working in construction. Career growth opportunities, security of job economic demand is positive points of construction. Top ten construction job are mentioned below.

Construction Manager

According U.S. news construction management is one of the best jobs in the country. Construction management is from getting permits of different work to supervising the entire projects.

A construction manager has huge responsibilities. They do not only focus on particular part of the project but also, they focus on the entire top to bottom level of the project like from top level site adjustment to plumbing and HVAC. They are responsible for

1. To make sure the project will complete within dead line.
2. To respond in emergencies.
3. To make sure of protecting safety of everyone.

Construction manager get paid highest salary for their responsibilities. The average salary of a construction manager is $93,370 per year and $44.89 per hour. A bachelor's degree is not mandatory for construction manager but this degree is preferred for this post.

Though Certified Construction Manager Certificate is a construction certificate issued by Construction Management Association of America is mandatory for applying to this post. A bachelor's degree and four year of experience or 8-year experience without degree is the eligibility criteria for this post.

Elevator Repairer

Nowadays many residential, commercial construction projects are made so there is huge demand for elevator repairer. According to BLS approximately 10 percent growth of job has seen in this construction industry. Now elevator repairer is very important career option for the continuous demand of maintenance and repair.

Elevator technicians install elevator and repair any kind of problem regarding elevator. They also assemble, install, maintain, and replace elevators, chairlifts. The average salary for this post is $79,780 based on may 2018. The salary may vary. An elevator apprentice gets paid 50 percent of the payment of elevator installer. Though the licensed elevator apprentice gets paid higher amount.

Elevator installer starts their career as apprentice. The apprentice program is almost 4-year program so that they can learn the trade. 18-year age with high school diploma or equivalent and be able to pass basic math is the minimum criteria for applying this post. all states of U.S.A do not require license to work as elevator installer. CET (certified elevator technician) certificate, CAT (certified accessibility and private residence life technician) certificate QEI (qualified elevator inspector) certificate are given by NAEC (national association of elevator contractors) for those who pass the program.

Electrician Post

Electricians have to install, maintain repair everything that run by electrical power in homes, business and factories. In commercial and residential buildings, a licensed electrician is needed there. The average salary of an electrician is $55,190 per year. The minimum criteria for this post are a high school diploma or equivalent. To be industrial electrician specialization in installing and maintaining industrial equipment is mandatory.

Plumber Post

A plumber has to install, maintain and repair any kind of pipe that in moving of liquid or gas. They also have to inspect plumbing system, troubleshooting issues, develop and interpret blueprint and installing, repair and maintain HVAC system. The average salary of the post is $53,910 per year. A five-year apprenticeship is mandatory for this post.

Sheet Metal Worker

The job is to construct, assemble, install the products that are made of sheet metal. Sheet metal worker also work has to work on equipment, signs, handrails, cars of restaurants. The average salary is $48,560 per year. The minimum qualification is high school diploma or equivalent and they have to learn some skill in different technical and vocational programs.


Carpenter job is from installing a kitchen cabinet to constructing cement footing. They also have to measure and cut material to complex geometry also. The average salary for the post is $46,590 per year. An apprenticeship through on the job training or two years training in trade school is the way to become a carpenter.

Equipment Operator

Equipment operator has been trained to use particular equipment. Equipment operator can drive many types of cranes, excavators, steam roller. The average salary for the post is $46,990 per year. The minimum qualification criteria are to complete high school diploma or equivalent, trained in specific aspect, and commercial driver license in this field.


Mason do work with concrete most of the time. They have to make things including durable material like brick and stone to entire support structure.

They get paid $44,810 per year. The minimum qualification criteria are to complete the high school with special training in technical school or college.


Glazier has to install glass windows and glass fixtures in different building. They have to measure, cut, and install throughout the project. For residential homes they install the windows, mirrors.

They get paid $43,550 per year. Complete a apprenticeship program is very good way to become a glazier.

Solar Installer

The main work is to assemble, install and maintain solar panels. They also connect the panels to the power grid. In 2017 they got paid $ 42,680 per year.

The minimum qualification for this job is to complete high school diploma and complete on job training for one year.

The Best Construction Jobs for Career