Some best software for structural analysis and design

Now-a-days, lots of software emerge in the market to design, analyze and develop large projects rapidly. The 3D integrated structural design and analysis software become very popular amid structural designers.

These simplified structural analysis and design software are applied to increase productivity. These software facilitate the structural modeling and load analyzing more consistent and well organized, as a result the time and effort are curtailed significantly for finite element analysis.

These design/analysis software comprise of some exclusive features which range from analysis of diversified profile of structural components, modeling structure of different materials, outputting analysis and graphical files, and examining geometrical errors. Given below, the detail lists of five best software for Civil and Structural Engineering.

Analysis & Design:

STAAD Pro: It belongs to a structural design and analysis tool that is treated as the best structural analysis software for worldwide structural engineers. It is very user-friendly and contains an extensive range of essential tools essential for executing an analytical process on several structures.

STAAD Pro is further integrated with a series of other Bentley products. The models produced with STAAD Pro can be imported to OpenSTAAD in order to make the models transmittable to other third-party tools.

SAFE: This software is frequently applied in designing foundation slab systems and concrete floors. SAFE is a comprehensive package that integrated all the features of engineering design process ranging from generating layout to detail drawing production in a single, intuitive environment.

It facilitates highly advanced local appraisal of foundation systems inside greater structures and imports files from CAD, ETABS, and SAP2000.

Given below, some of the other significant advantages of the software :

1. Extensive lists of templates to swiftly set up a model
2. Post-tensioning
3. Support conditions and loadings

RISA: It is another leading 3D analysis and design tool for developing general structures like buildings, bridges, arenas, industrial structures, crane rails, and more.

It is rapid, productive and reliable. It contains an insightful interface that combines with several other products like RISAFloor and RISA Foundation. It comprises of the newest steel, cold-formed steel, concrete, aluminum, masonry and timber design codes. It consecutively offers the tools which are required to manage the multi-material projects without any difficulty.

3D Environment:

Navisworks: The design, engineering and construction management professionals use this software to get brief understanding of the project and improve the productivity and quality. It facilitates the users to open, combine, review and distribute Detailed 3D Design models in different file formats. It allows the users to import all file formats and integrate all the files to generate a model.

Some best software for structural analysis and design