The details about bills of quantities

With the measurement of quantities, the total price can be evaluated more elaborately & precisely to give cost feedback on the job, that at the same time can be applied numerically in cost planning of other works.

Bills of quantities offer the best possible ways to manage the cost of variations in the contract. It is extensively utilized for various post-tender work like material scheduling; construction planning; cost analysis; and cost planning.

The method of working out the quantities prior to tender is a crucial test regarding what is drawn and stated can in fact be built. By examining the drawings and reviewing the construction in detail is definitely helpful in recognizing the issues which may be omitted initially.

The direct costs & indirect costs should be taken into consideration for determining the entire cost of the project which are included in various segments of the BOQ.

As the cost is identified prior to commencement of the construction, a superior level of price certainty is maintained for the construction project.

Facilitates to provide a low tender price.
Accommodates with design changes and assists the cost management process.
Provides superior quality of tender document.

Minimize the risk of contractors managing the information in the BQ for their own purposes.
Bypass the risks with regard to both time and cost since the projects are calculated on the basis of the overall floor area.
The valuation of progress payment becomes simple with detail information as given in BQ.

May pass up the tendency of contractor to build up a conspire group and bid high for projects.

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The details about bills of quantities