Know everything about Bow Window

The bow window is a sort of window that is utilized to provide the homeowner more room for their convenience. It adds room by protruding beyond the building's outside wall and gives a larger view of the street or garden.

The compass window is another name for the bow window. A bow window is essentially a grouping of three or four windows that come together to form a lovely arch. Bow windows were initially used in the United Kingdom in the seventeenth century.

Types of Bow Windows available in the market

Bow windows were built approximately 500 years ago and haven't altered much. In civil engineering, there are four different types of bow windows. These are the ones listed below:-

Canted Bow window

It has a flat straight front and an angled side and is the classic type of bow window, generally, these types of windows are found in residential homes.

Box Bow window

Box windows are similar to canted windows in that they have a flat front side and side parts that meet at a 90-degree angle, giving the appearance of a box, hence the name.

Oriel Type Bow Window

That is one of the most ancient types of bow windows that may be seen in old England. An oriel window can be seen on the side of a structure, yet it has never reached the ground. It also adds structural stability and enhances the visual splendor of the home.

Circular type Bow window

A circular bow window is a rare form that has its own category, where a huge glass panel is installed here, and additional glass is fastened to the top of the frame.

Benefits of installing Bow window in your apartment

Allows Natural Sunlight

A bow window is essentially a large opening window that allows more natural sunlight to enter from the outside. A stunning panoramic view of the exterior is also provided by the bow window. It also gives the owner with mental and visual rejuvenation.

A nice stylish ambiance

The bow window is a highly beautiful form of window that adds additional space to the room. It is also highly energy-efficient, has an excellent aesthetic attractiveness, and so on.

Adequate air-flowing

A bow window is a form of window that naturally consists of three or more windows, so it allows for good air circulation.

Value of the residence increases

In addition, it can increase the value of the house because it is a beautiful window, property owners can thus earn more revenue from their homes.

Provides Optimal space to read

The bow window creates enough space to read comfortably, you can easily accommodate a reading table or a sofa for reading purposes.

Versatile layout

Thanks to the design of this window, it can be installed in any room in the house. People nowadays also install bow windows in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Renewal by Andersen of Central Illinois

Drawbacks of installing a Bow window

1. Bow windows give an additional entry to your space, but in the summer, increased sunshine may be a major issue; however, if you put colored glass, this problem will be mitigated. As a result, this is one of the most significant downsides of employing a bow window.

2. A unique type of curtain is required for a bow window. This style of curtain is highly expensive, thus it will raise the overall cost of the project, which is an additional drawback.

3. Bow windows are architecturally substantial windows; thus, if you want to construct one, be sure that your house foundation is sturdy enough to support the weight of that window without causing any problems.

Know everything about Bow Window