Brief overview of Moving Buildings

If the structures are shifted from its original position to new site, the process is known as moving buildings.

Moving buildings is based on the following factors:

? Motivations to move buildings
? Groundwork of structure
? Moving building method
? Types of moving buildings
? Safety measures required for moving of the structure successfully

Motivations to Move Buildings: Due to several reasons, it becomes necessary to shift buildings from its original positions to new locations. As for instance ? resist demolishing of historical structures and retain them when their locations are essential for industrial purposes or as a result of increasing in population density, new residential buildings should be developed.

Another reason is that building is not built up as per exact plans and arrangements. Therefore, buildings should have been shifted to make necessary arrangements.

The process for moving building to the new position will be cost-effective as compared to demolish it and then develop new buildings.

In some cases, the residential areas are greatly affected by recurring catastrophic natural events like flooding, so, under this circumstance moving buildings will be the only alternative.

Historical houses are frequently moved and collected to build up a historical village.

Underpinning of Structure: Building underpinning plays an important role in the process of moving buildings and several methods are available through which underpinning of structure is carried out.

The Underpinning methods applied for moving buildings range from underpinning by continuous strip foundation, underpinning with piers or bases, underpinning by piles, pretest methods of underpinning, underpinning by injections, and freezing and thawing underpinning.

Moving Building Process: Generally, underpinning is the most effective method in the process of moving building. But sound knowledge and experience are required to execute such vital operation.

Usually, moving building is accomplished on the basis of sufficient surveying of the structure and calculation of loads properly as well as in-depth investigation and analysis of soils at new site of the building and at tracks on which the building is shifted, and exact jacking along with equalizing measuring strain equipment.

Moving building method comprises of the provision of a system of beams on which the building weight is retained, and these beams are arranged on a roller or wheel carriage that is set on rail track. The rail track is arranged on the ground as per the preferred direction.

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Brief overview of Moving Buildings