Some useful points to consider for choosing a career in quantity surveying profession

The Quantity Surveyors are employed to manage the finances and contractual administration of Construction projects. Given below, some useful points which should be considered to make a good career in quantity surveying profession.

The Quantity Surveyors provide significant contribution for the successful completion of projects from one small project to multi billion euro capital projects.

They possess sound knowledge regarding the contract and project cost, right from the preliminary sketch design proposal in order that the clients can obtain the best possible end product for their budget.

Quantity surveyors can render their specialized services for both the clients and the contractors meaning so it is possible to manage the office based work and construction site based work simultaneously. In either career path each day makes a new challenge and the job satisfaction that comes by involving in a project right from its setting up through to a happy client taking the possession of the building over on execution.

In the Quantity Surveying profession, one can get a good salary as compared to the average industrial wage (check average national wage for a Chartered Surveyor published by the SCSI)( Besides, there are exciting commensurate perks which fluctuate on the basis of the employer. It also contains company cars, group pension schemes, performance based incentives etc.

The profession of Quantity Surveying is acknowledged globally and is in high demand. You can make yourself prepared to work for the larger consultancies and contractors who have offices in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Here, the staff can easily take transfer and obtain the most of the perks and life experience that coincide with travel (you can of course just join companies in these countries directly too). It provides a healthy salary that goes with the cost of living in every one of these countries facilitating the graduates to keep up the standard of living they generally maintain. This capability to travel also makes sure that there are sufficient works for these construction professionals.

Besides men, women can also make a sound career in quantity surveying profession. Quantity Surveyors are professionals first and foremost and, specifically for those who perform on the client side, holds much similarity to the office based 9 - 5 career you should anticipate in other disciplines like finance and business but with the additional perk of working on physical projects with long-term and profound effect on the landscape of the country.

Some useful points to consider for choosing a career in quantity surveying profession
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