Corrective measure to check pile foundation failure

Pile foundation contains sound bearing strength, good durability and small differential settlement with regards to other foundation types.

Pile foundations are normally provided in the following conditions :-

1. Low bearing strength of soil.
2. Non-existence of perfect bearing stratum at shallow depths.

3. Greater loads from the super structure for which shallow foundation may not become inexpensive or feasible.

But pile foundations become damaged and collapse specifically throughout earthquakes because of the following purposes.

1. Inadequacy of sufficient boring
2. Improper soil grouping
3. Soft strata under tip of pile
4. Insufficient driving formula (wrong data)

5. Imperfect size of hammer leads to deficient penetration, too light or get damaged if too heavy
6. Misapprehension of load
7. Damaged of encased piles
8. Buckling of piles
9. Cracking of piles
10. Vibration that leads to lateral or vertical movement
11. Flowing strata resulting from adjoining excavation or bank sloughing
12. Tension failure of concrete pile for shortage of reinforcement
13. Eccentricity because of bowing or falling out of plumb
14. Deterioration caused by lower ground water level
15. Insect and marine borer attack and erosion

16. Detachment of concrete caused by poor quality of concrete or reactive aggregate
17. Failure of the thin shell of the piles
18. Overweight owning to earthfill.

Corrective measures to get rid of failure of pile foundation:

1. Preliminary repair like encasement or replacement
2. Extraction of partial load
3. Underpinning

Video Source: NCTEL

Corrective measure to check pile foundation failure