How to choose perfect brand of cement for house construction

The cement is considered as one of the most vital materials in building construction. It enhances the stability of any construction. So, the proper should be taken regarding the selection of cement as wrong selection can hamper the quality of construction.

While going to select the cement, the following queries may appear in mind :-

What type of cement should be chosen?

If similar type can be applied for all cement applications?
Which cement brand should be perfect for work?
Accessibility of cement chosen during construction period?

Given below, the solution of the above query, so that the perfect brand of cement can be selected.

1. What type of Cement should be chosen: Diverse forms of cement can be found in building works for different purposes. So, it is vital to recognize the properties of each type of cement and their applications. Normally, three types of cements are applied in general construction purposes which range from Ordinary Portland Cement (43 Grade & 53 Grade), Portland Pozzolana Cement and Portland Slag Cement.

Given below, different applications of these cements: OPC 53 Grade cement is effective in all RCC structures like footing, column, beam and slabs, where ever primary and final strength are considered as the most important structural requirement.

PPC and PSC cements are mostly recommended for general construction works as well as Masonry, Plaster, Tiling works since primary strength is not a prime factor of performance in this application.

2. Can similar type of Cement be utilized for all Cement Applications?

Various types of Cement contain diverse properties which can save huge money and make the quality of construction better.

The type of cement suggested for all RCC works is OPC 53 Grade because they contain extreme initial and ultimate strength, which are primary conditions for structural requirement (i.e., in RCC Members).

It is suggested to utilize PPC or PSC, whichever is cost-effective, for non-structural/masonry purposes like Masonry, Plaster, Tiling works etc.. These cements contain slower rate of heat of hydration and produce less cracks and lower shrinkage). They have greater functionality and can be completed in a superior manner because of the existence of fly ash in PPC & GGBFS in PSC.

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How to choose perfect brand of cement for house construction