Civil Engineering GATE 2018 ? An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students

Prasant Dixit has written an exclusive construction book alias Civil Engineering GATE 2018. The book is available in paperback version.

The current GATE tutor for GATE Civil Engineering is segregated into three main sections which are known as General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Civil Engineering.

These sections are again segmented into various chapters. The General Aptitude section comprises of Verbal Ability, Critical Reasoning and Numerical Ability. The Engineering Mathematics section is segregated into Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods and Transform Theory. The Civil Engineering section is again segregated with twelve chapters alias Mechanics, Structure Analysis, Concrete Structure, Steel Structure, Geotechnical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Engineering Hydrology, Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Surveying.

All the chapters are supported with nit wise and topic wise collection of theory and question answers. The entire coverage of the syllabi in the book remains equivalent to the format of the exam along with appropriate study material and different types of questions having their complete solutions. All the chapters in the book include adequate number of solved problems which are prepared based on the lines of questions appeared in previous years' GATE Civil Engineering.

Under the Unit Exercise sections, there are unresolved practice questions. All the questions in the exercises are prepared on the basis of the GATE pattern that means. 1 mark questions, 2 marks questions and common data and linked answer questions. The book includes Unit wise Numerical Answer Type Questions and newly inserted topics in questions. There are also last six years' (2012-2017) solved papers of original online GATE Civil Engineering to facilitate the candidates to have clear conceptions on the trends of questions solicited in GATE Examination.

This book also involves focused study material for General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics. In the last chapters, the newly inserted topics in GATE syllabus are also given together with five Mock Tests to allow candidates to prepare themselves and self analyze their level of preparation for the forthcoming GATE Civil Engineering 2017. The book contains a free CD with Online Mock Tests for GATE Civil Engineering.

The book can be purchased online from

Civil Engineering GATE 2018 ? An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students