7 Prime liabilities of a Civil Site Engineer in a Building Construction Project

A site civil engineer takes lots of responsibilities as per the company?s rules and structure of the project management team. Given below, the complete liabilities of a civil site engineer :-

1. Accomplishment of the project in due course: The key liability of the project management team is to deliver the project in scheduled time. A site civil engineer has also to take this liability as he is the part and parcel of the project management team.

To accomplish a building construction project timely, a project management team has to take responsibility to make a ?master Schedule? for the project. In this regard, the project manager should take the sole liability.

It is necessary to create the master schedule on the basis of the company?s rule. Now, the monthly and weekly target of the project will be determined on the basis of master schedule.

If it becomes easier to monitor each construction task on weekly basis, there will be no obstacles for the project to be accomplished in due course.

Therefore, the tasks given below should be undertaken to finish a building construction project in due course ?:

? Create master schedule for the project
? Make a monthly plan on the basis of the master schedule
? Arrange weekly target on the basis of monthly target
? Monitor weekly target every day

2. Ensuring Contractor Selection on Time: Lots of tasks should be performed in a building construction project. Such as Civil works, Plumbing works, Electrical works, Painting works, etc.

All of these works should be executed with individual contractors. As for instance, the civil contractor should only perform the civil works like RCC and masonry works. Plumbing contractor performs sanitary and plumbing work and tiles contractors should accomplish the tiles work on a building construction project.

Although, the project manager takes the responsibility for the selection of the contractors, a site civil engineer should also assist the project manager to accelerate the selection process for the diverse work item of the project.

Check the project?s master schedule. When it is required to commence the next work phase, call for the next contractor prior to one month for executing the next task.

As for instance, if planning is made to commence tiles work after one month, enquire for tiles contractor from today.

A site civil engineer should take the liability to make sure the convenient work progress of the project. Therefore, call for desired contractors a month earlier than your master schedule to maintain smooth work progress.

Undertake the following tasks to make sure the selection of contractor on time ?

? Study your project?s master schedule
? Determine when you are planning to commence next construction task
? Start enquiring of the contractor a month prior to start the actual task.

3. Ensuring Material Delivery on Time: The civil site engineer is liable for providing construction material on time to maintain the flow of construction work progress devoid of any shortage of materials.

For this purpose, don?t give order for all the necessary materials at a time rather order only those materials which are necessary on immediate basis.

Suppose you are going to develop a 2nd-floor slab and mild steel bar is required for that slab only. But if you give order for Rod for 3rd-floor slab also, a huge amount of money will be blocked unnecessarily which can be utilized for other purpose. It will not be so cost-effective.

So, the order should be given for materials which are only required.

So, the following tasks should be undertaken for making sure the delivery of materials on time ? not before the time :-

? Workout the necessary materials for the task to executed next
? Make requisition for the materials. Specify material delivery date on the purchase requisition.
? Dispatch the requisition to purchase department on time. In a company, some times are required for approval of the purchase requisition. In this regard, some formalities are required. So, ensure that lead time is retained for the material delivery.
? Monitor the requisition in order that the delivery date of the materials is not missed out.

7 Prime liabilities of a Civil Site Engineer in a Building Construction Project