Combined Pad Foundation Design Spreadsheets

Combined Pad Foundation Design Spreadsheets comprise of a series of spreadsheets which can be used for stability analysis and structural design of a combined rectangular pad foundation.

The spreadsheets evaluate the loadings input by the user and work out the best possible pad size to transmit these loads into an tolerable bearing pressure into the soil.

Unique Pad Sizing and Eccentricity Charts simplify the process for the designer to opt for the best pad dimensions.

As soon as the pad size is set, the spreadsheets then workout the design bending moments and the necessary reinforcement in both X and Y directions for sagging and hogging. The designer can then indicate the perfect reinforcement arrangement with unique recommended reinforcement chart which demonstrates graphically the existing reinforcement arrangements to fulfil both necessary cross sectional area and spacing requirements.

Then a summary page is formed and a reinforcement drawing is produced to provide the perfect reinforcement arrangements which the user has indicated.

The suite comprises of a total of 4 spreadsheets :

? A simple combined pad design spreadsheet to make analysis of a simple combined pad foundation depending on two axial loads where the consequential load must operate through the centroid of the base.

This spreadsheet is ideal for most cases and facilitates making design rapidly for straight forward situations.

? A complex integrated pad design spreadsheet that can easily analyze any combined rectangular pad foundation on the basis of axial, horizontal or moment loadings.

These spreadsheets contain all the tools to design complicated issues or where close attention should be given to detail. It can deal with any size rectangular pad and rectangular columns to where space is restricted in one direction. The spreadsheet also arranges the base for being loaded eccentrically in any arrangement required by the designer.

It comprises sliding analysis to rationalize any horizontal loads. It involves design charts to make brief analysis of shear and punching shear loads, and comprises of bending moment and shear force diagrams to facilitate the designer to design the reinforcement in as much detail.

Both simple and complex spreadsheets are available to abide by either British Standards BS8110 & BS8004 or Eurocodes BS En 1992 & BS En 1997.

Combined Pad Foundation Design Spreadsheets