Benefits and drawbacks of concrete driveway construction

Concrete driveway construction is more beneficial as compared to conventional driveway construction methods. The concrete driveway is long-lasting.

Given below, the pros and cons of concrete driveway construction.

Benefits of Concrete Driveway Construction - The prime benefits of concrete driveway construction are as follow:

1. Quality Construction
2. Stability
3. Extreme Flexibility
4. Less Maintenance
5. Costs
6. Diverse range of options

1. Quality Construction: The concrete as a driveway material improves the quality of appearance. It offers a clean and professional view.

2. Stability: A concrete driveway that is efficiently constructed and properly preserved can endure for prolonged times. As a robust structural material, concrete can bear heavy traffic loads, corrosion and even other atmospheric vulnerabilities. To ensure long-lasting integrity, the perfect plan should be made for the formation of concrete in terms of mix design and construction joints that is based on the conditions of the site.

3. Offers Extreme Flexibility: The concrete driveways are suitable for different types of landscaping designs, or building layouts. It is recognized for both residential and traffic use.

The use of concrete driveway only improves the beauty of the property. The flexibility is sustained in respect of concrete driveway installation and the design variety it provides.

4. Less Maintenance: Due to extreme stability of concrete driveway, the maintenance work is minimized significantly. Like other pavement options, various problems like weeds, paver shifting etc are not found in concrete driveways. There is little or zero maintenance for concrete driveway.

If any stain is found over the concrete, it can be easily eliminated. It is just necessary to cleanse the surface annually with the use of proper stain cleaner.

The sealants can also be applied in concrete driveway construction to safeguard the surface from stains and other damages.

5. Costs: Here the cost is associated with construction cost and maintenance cost. The initial cost of concrete driveway construction is cheap but it is adjusted with the zero-maintenance cost it offers.

A good concrete driveway constructed can sustain for 20 to 25 years with zero maintenance that yields huge savings in cost in due course of time.

6. Variety of Options: The concrete driveway construction comes with various types of design options. Either a slab look, or paver look (stamped concrete), or polished look (Polished concrete) can be arranged on the basis of the requirement.

Drawbacks of Concrete Driveway Construction - The following drawbacks are found in concrete driveway construction:

1. The application of polished or stamped concrete driveway construction is little bit expensive with regard to the normal concrete driveway construction. To maintain the longevity, special maintenance are essential for these types.

2. It is required to appoint professionals and skilled labors for pouring concrete to driveway construction. The process becomes very complicated when executed as a DIY project.

3. It is suggested to utilize sealants for annual Maintenance so that the concrete driveway slabs last for a long time.

Benefits and drawbacks of concrete driveway construction