A Contractor's Guide to Make Millions with Concrete Finishing

The construction industry relies heavily on concrete, a versatile and durable material. A concrete mix consists of fine, coarse, and ultrafine aggregates in the proper proportions.

Several finishing aspects are important after concrete casting because it gives an aesthetical view of the concrete surface. Compaction, leveling, and smoothing the concrete surface are the steps involved in finishing its surface. There are several ways to finish the top surface of the concrete layer. Trowel and float finished surfaces widely use in many situations.

Types of Concrete Finishing

Broom Finishing

Broom finish also calls brush finish concrete. The concrete finishes enhancing its sleep resistance surface using a broom. The broom finish provides a smooth surface and is very durable. Broom finish surfaces are highly slip-resistant and easy to construct.

Swimming pools typically surround by a brushed finish concrete surface, which ensures a non-slip surface. The best driveway surfaces are those with a broom finish.

Concrete surfaces in broom-finish do not appear decorative. You run the broom down the slope of the surface to ensure that water will quickly drain.

Trowel & Float Finishing

Concrete can smooth out using a trowel after being cast in the required form. Concrete surfaces usually smooth using trowels that have flat blades paired with handles. You can use a trowel concrete finish on indoor as well as outdoor surfaces.

Concrete surfaces with trowel finishes can also achieve various decorative effects. Concrete surfaces with trowel finishes widely use for pathways in gardens due to their resistance to abrasions, weather, and water.

Because trowel finish concrete has high adhesive strength, it can use both horizontally and vertically. There are many options when it comes to colors and textures for trowel surfaces, including how they can customize.

Polished Concrete Finishing

Grinding and polishing are the processes that produce polished concrete finishing. It requires less maintenance to maintain polished concrete surfaces. In addition to its high reflectivity, polished concrete also helps to improve the natural lighting of buildings, thereby reducing artificial lighting. The polished concrete makes using existing building materials, and it helps improve the natural lighting of buildings.

In addition to warehouses, retails offices, hotels, homes, and private residences, polished concrete surfaces usually use in building exteriors. It is completely safe for walking on the polished concrete surface since it appears to be a smooth glass surface.

Stamped Concrete Finishing

The concrete surface can finish by stamping. That is one of the innovative methods of doing this. Imprinted concrete and textured concrete are other names for stamped concrete. Paving, walkways, and driveways makes from stamped concrete are the best choices.

A stamped concrete finish can design with a square box type pattern, an irregular pattern, or a circular pattern. It is easy and convenient to stamp concrete using this method. Stamped concrete also coat with different colored pigment powders. In comparison with other finishes, stamped concrete finishes are very affordable.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finishing

In warehouses, garages, living rooms, and galleries, exposed aggregate finishes are one of the most popular flooring finishes. Despite its high compressive strength, the exposed aggregate finish is also suitable for heavy traffic. This finish resists wear and is durable. In addition to looking good from an aesthetic standpoint, the exposed aggregate offers a pleasing aesthetic view.

Salt Concrete Finishing

An older and traditional decorative finish technique is salt concrete. In contrast to broom finish concrete, salt finish concrete is more decorative. Salt Finish concrete surface is one of the best decorative concrete finish surfaces available that can use in concrete finishing.

When the concrete is salt finishing, the salt particles spread over the top and then pressed into place with a roller or float. Power washing the salt grains follows the final setting of the concrete. Afterward, the surface becomes decorative with a speckled pattern.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: UltraTech Cement

A Contractor's Guide to Make Millions with Concrete Finishing