How to Make a Concrete Floor Slip Resistant

Concrete is something that is very smooth but extremely risky at times. It may give the best finishing touch to everything but may be the most dangerous thing if not used at the right way.

So there are some ways through which we should protect it not to become slippery to avoid any form of accidents.

Essential Steps to Make a Concrete Floor Slip Resistant

1. Concrete Of The Best Quantity

You should thereby use the best type of concrete possible so that there is no form of problems created at any level. In this way the durability of the structure will be thereby improved. Even sealer is used right hereand it should be used in the best way to have great advantages.

2. Anti-Slip Sealer

The best way to avoid slippery is to use a slip-resistant sealer. For example, penetrative sealers penetrate the pores, providing strength from within. Thus these are generally non slippery.

Thus, sealers generally will not only protect you from accidents but also from extreme weather conditions.

3. Finishing Touch Of Rock Salt

This is a form of finishing touch.Through this method salt is sprinkled on the wet concrete surface. That part is removed when the concrete surface is being cured which leaves a texture in it. Even other things are added such as alluminium oxide which grit the sealer to mark an extreme difference in it. This is the best thing used in concrete that is used wildly.

The best thing to notice here is that it is available in various colours giving us different options within a reasonable price rate.

4. Silica Sand

This procedure is about applying a part of silica over the area of the first coat in the concrete sealer. After the first part has dried, the next part should be applied right then.This way it will get a better texture and appearance.

5. Muriatic or Hydrochloric Acid

If 25% muriatic acid solution can be applied on a concrete surface it can etch its part and make it rough. Through this way the acid will absorb a layer of the concrete which will create a rough surface proving to be better than all.

This method should be used wearing good conditioned googles, rubber gloves and protective clothing.

6. Paint and Premier

You can also paint the concrete again while adding grid additives to it so that it becomes non-slippery. But one should be cautious to use it as it can be harmful for us at times.

7. Colour Hardener

Colour hardeners are another way that can be used for this purpose. Even if you apply it, it is beneficial for your use.It has longibility and durability than of a sealer but one must remain aware not to use it in a hardener technique.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Watco UK

Thus, these are the ways one should apply for make a concrete floor slip resistant. Thus, the way it is used and the applied will make it more attractive on the go.

Next time be wise and aware to use to make a concrete floor slip resistant with these tips in mind. Happy Reading.

How to Make a Concrete Floor Slip Resistant