How to find out the required amount of concrete for construction work

To find out the exact quantities of concrete for a construction project is very crucial. Given below, some useful tips for computing the quantities of concrete mix for any construction project.

How to work out the amount of concrete necessary for Slabs(along with odd shapes)

Rule of thumb: Include 1/4" to the density of your slab for your slab concrete budget. It supposes that the job is uniformly graded to the exact depth, and the grade is properly compacted.

While examining your grade, if it is found that one spot is 4" and other spots are 4.5" to 5" then it is recommended ion to settle the grade for both the job quality and your concrete budget.

Odd shapes: Convert odd shapes into rectangles and odd shapes can be located easily.

Build driveway 14' x 20' and your estimate will be perfect. It will be done in this way - The driveway is 16' at the top and 12' at the bottom. Throughout the center the width averages 14'.

Working out the Amount of Concrete Essential For Footings

Footings will seldom pursue the drawing accurately. In the soil where there are lots of gravels, the footings may fall down if big rocks are excavated.

It is assumed as a 12"*12" footing, but check how the left side of the footing has fallen down. Compute the exact width.

The digging is too deep by the excavator, or there may be raining and the digging for footings should be deeper to get to solid soil. Therefore, it is vatal to examine different types of spots on your footing and obtain an average size. Then with the help of a calculator, works out the required amount of concrete.

House slabs on grade that are 8" out of grade containing a 4" slab also arranged some of the footing over the grade too.

This 12" x 12" footing should be computed as 12" x 16" so the footing is built to go over grade to attain the 4" slab thickness.

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How to find out the required amount of concrete for construction work