Various applications of Concrete Structure Casting Remnants

The concrete applied in construction is frequently wasted in the process because of several errors in casting. The waste of ready-mix concrete is influenced by various factors like miscalculations / calculations in the jobsite, defective equipment, harmful weather, as well as inappropriate application methods resulting in wasting of materials.

Given below, some useful suggestions for utilizing the leftover concrete casting structures which can reduce the expenses of a project.

1. Applied as a practical column or lintel beam in precast.

In several enormous projects, precast methods are utilized for the wall installation work of practical columns or lintel beams. Normally, instant concrete with K-225 or K-250 is utilized. It is beneficial to utilize the structural casting residual concrete to minimize concrete waste and instant concrete purchases.

2. Applied as a cansteen

Cansteen belongs to the edge of the pedestrian, sidewalk, separator, edge of the road, park path, boulevard, and so on. It is utilized as a roadside amplifier. Normally, cansteen is measured in BQ to order the finished product. It will be better to install it in precast. Structural casting residual concrete is utilized as cansteen to reduce the budget.

3. Applied as a Car Stopper

Car stoppers belong to embankments for providing protection to the parking area to stop the moving cars. Normally, various types of materials like iron pipes, concrete and rubber are usually applied as car stoppers.

4. Applied as Paving Block

Paving blocks are mostly utilized as outdoor parking areas, jogging tracks, parks, sidewalks, home yards and pedestrians. These blocks are made precast with leftover concrete casting materials. Thus, the project costs will be curtailed significantly.

Various applications of Concrete Structure Casting Remnants