Some vital construction documents for a construction project

If it is required to develop a new building or refurbish surviving property, the owner should have arranged a document so that the work & other portions of the construction project can be performed systematically. Each construction project should comprise of crucial documents that generally form the part of every construction contract.

In the design and construction part, various types of construction documents are utilized. Given below, some vital construction documents which should exist in every construction project.

1. Contract Agreements and Contracts: It should be utilized by the contracting officer (owner) as well as the contractor. It is considered as the vital part of the contract documents.

2. Statement of Work (SOW): A solid scope is very helpful throughout the bidding process and soon after throughout the construction sequence. A well-defined scope should have been utilized to define the amount of work necessary for the completion of work.

3. General Conditions: This contract document will be applied to determine the obligations and rights for accomplishing any project. This type of document also involve overhead costs, what to claim and your rights.

4. Special Conditions: It is normally an extension of the contract and supported with the general conditions. In this part, specific conditions and clauses to each particular project or job should be indicated. It provides special attention to particular instructions and requirements which are essential to give guidelines for executing the work in a perfect way.

5. Bill of Quantities: It is developed with the list of various trades, and materials which create the part of the construction. This document may not be essential for the contracting officer.

6. Drawings: In this document, there are all set of drawings which are essential to execute the part of the job. These drawings generally comprise of the latest drawings and should be under possession of the contractor before starting the project. It should contain all drawings from consultants and will compose the whole project being contracted.

7. CSI MasterFormat Outline: The technical requirements are described in this document to finish, carry out and/or perform each nominal task or material being included in the construction projects. It will add intelligence to the construction drawings; indicate common standards, deviations accepted, materials accepted and the compulsory testing for all materials. Normally, specifications are formed with referencing construction standards and codes.

8. Creating Construction Schedule: The construction schedule belongs to a significant piece of the document. In this part, the contracting office will be able to recognize how and when the project will be finished.

9. Costs in the Construction Industry: This document includes the break-ups of all items being incorporated in the construction project.

10. List of Common Types of Construction Insurance: It is treated as the vital part of the contracting officer as it will provide assurance to the owner that the contractor has the means and the financial support to execute the construction contract.

Some vital construction documents for a construction project