Construction Drawing Types In Building

In construction several types of drawings are used to fulfill various purposes. These are known as construction drawings or working drawings.

As for example, working drawing is created for construction project, drawing for approval is intended for submitting to government agencies for sanction and sanctioned drawing is finally delivered to construction site.

After proper examination, justification and rectification in different phases, the drawing is accepted for construction. Construction drawing should contain detail measurement and clear section of each section of building. The following types of drawings are mostly found in construction works :-

? Architectural drawing
? Structural drawing
? Plumbing & sanitary drawing
? Electrical drawing
? Finishing drawing etc.

Architectural drawing: This type of drawing provides the entire view of building. It depicts the position of a building as well as where to arrange each parts of building etc. It retains several other drawing sheets of various names like plan, elevation, section etc.

Structural drawing: It focuses on everything about structure like strength of various segments of structure, structural material, placement, grade and size of reinforcement etc. It also comprises of several other drawing sheets within it with different titles.

Plumbing and sanitary drawing: This type of drawing demonstrates the exact positon of sanitary and water supply piping and fixture and how to attach each fixture etc.

Electrical drawing: This type of drawing provides the position and details of electrical wiring, fixtures and sub-station etc. It also presents the electrical load calculation.

Finishing drawing: It contains all drawing regarding finishes and out looking of building like tiles, marble granite etc. Sometimes this type of drawing is contained with architectural drawing.

Construction Drawing Types In Building