Fundamental Construction Method of RCC Column

The construction method of column.

The following four phases of works are required for building up RCC column :-
Column layout work
Column reinforcement work
Column formwork
Concrete Pouring into column

Column layout work: In this phase of works, the position of columns are set practically in construction site. It is performed by placing rope as specified by the grids provided in the drawing and then label the position of columns according to rope.

Column reinforcement work: As soon as the positions of the columns are marked, the reinforcement is then arranged as per structural drawing. It is generally mentioned in the drawing like (C1-12#16 mm? and stirrup-10 mm? @4?c/c).

Column formwork: In structures, the column formworks are applied to provide support to forms or molds for poured concrete columns. It is so easy as a reinforced cardboard tube for small cylindrical columns or very complicated forms built up from several pieces of wood and metal.

Pouring concrete into column: For fewer quantities of concrete volume, machine mixed concrete is primarily used. For large quantities of concrete, ready-mix concrete is suitable. If moving pump is utilized with ready-mix concrete and when it is required not to go beyond 5 feet height range for falling concrete, it becomes very complicated.

Fundamental Construction Method of RCC Column