Importance of Construction of Check Dam

Check dam is a specific structure. It constructed across waterway for storing water. It reduces speed of waterway flow to stop soil corrosion. Check dam is constructed in old way. It can storage the running water and save the water of particular place. There are three type of check dam is available.

1. Cement concrete check dam.
2. Bloulder check dam.
3. Gobion check dam.

Importance of this type of construction of Check Dam

Check dam is basically barrier. It situates in the path of waterway flow path.

A) It placed in there to save the extra water for later usage.
B) Storied water increases entrance of surface water through rainfall.
C) This type of check dam reduces soil corrosion.
D) It also restricts ported silt.
E) It also prevents downstream transport.
F) Check dam also prevents the removal of fertile surface soil.
G) It also prevents low water holding capacity.
H) It also increases the fertility rate of soil indirectly.
I) This type of check dam prevents poor crop production.
J) This type of check dam also helps to recharge ground water.

K) This type of dam controls the speed of water flow.
L) Check dam also helps to moisture the soil indirectly by holding water for long time.
M) Villagers also use the storage water for bathing, washing.
N) Fishing recreation is also possible for this type of check dam.
O) Check dam also useful to supply drinking water to the villages.

Tamilnadu state of India waits for monsoon so the state can get enough water for usage. Tamilnadu's annual rainfall is 945 mm. This water resource comes from North East monsoon and South West monsoon. Tamilnadu is completely depend upon this monsoon for storaging water. A geographical variation is shown by the seasonal availability of this state.

Application of Check Dam

A. Check dam is only used there where any temporary or permanent dam is not vegetated.
B. Speed of waterfall should be checked while making check dam. Linning of channel is not easy to make.
C. To make check dam is basically is temporary or emergency practice.
D. Check dam should be created there where drainage area is less than 2 acres.
E. Check dam prevent undergoing degradation.
F. This type of check dam is also applicable there where permanent solution does not require.
G. This type of dam also reduces speed of water in small temporary channel.


1. This type of soil is easy to make.
2. This type of dam also reduces speed of waterflow.
3. It also provides aeration of the water.

4. This type of dam also prevents soil erosion.
5. This type of dam also increases high quality of sediment in particular place.
6. This type of dam can be permanent if it is designed as planned.


A) This type of dam is very created without perfect planning so it creates problems in different time.
B) Removal of This type of dam is very costly. It is not affordable for everybody.
C) This type of dam is only good for particular drainage system.
D) Rating of grass may decrease because this type of dam.
E) This channel may lose its hydraulic capacity.
F) Because of This type of dam noisiness may happen most of the time.
G) Huge amount of leaves may create problem inside this check dam.

Consideration of planning

A. This type of dam is generally made of stone.
B. Center of check dam should be lower than the edges of check dam.
C. Enough space is very important element for this type of dam.
D. Professionals make sure that the channel itself and the overflow area should be resistant.
E. Pea gravel-filled sandbags can be used in making of this type of dam. If logs are used in making of check dam then the costing of this dam may lower.
F. It should be remembered that log check dams take more time than others. Hand labor is very important for this log check dam.
G. While removing stone check dam professionals should check very carefully that every stone is removed or not.
H. Removal of check dam is damaging for soil.
I. To stabilize the particular area good care and checking should be needed.

Recommended design

1. Check dam can be created by using rock, stone, logs or sand bags.
2. Enough space inside this type of dam is very much required.
3. While making of this type of dam rock r stone must be placed there by hand or mechanical placement.
4. Center of dam should be lowered than the edges of the dam.
5. Construction of log check dam should be inside of 4 to 6-inch diameter.
6. When grass is matured enough to protect the ditch then check dam should be removed.

Maintenance of Check Dam

A) Supervision is must thing to do after every rainfall.
B) Extra sediment should be removed after particular time.
C) Piping, structure should be checked and repaired.
D) After stabilizing the area check dam should be removed.

Wrap up

In this article we have discussed about check dam, importance of check dam, application, advantages and disadvantages of check dam, design, maintenance of check dam.

Importance of Construction of Check Dam
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