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Construction sequence and methods of roof covering installation


This exclusive video tutorial is presented by David H Moloney. Video showing construction sequence and methods of roof covering installation.

Built Up roof and cladding systems have been used for around fifty years in the UK and involve profiled steel or aluminium thin-gauge metal sheets. These profile sheets are often referred to by their shape: Trapezoidal profiles are those whose shape is based on a basic trapezoid or trapezium. Sinusoidal profile are based on the shape of the sine wave.

Trapezoidal roof systems - These systems are typically made up of a lightweight profile liner, such 19/1000 0.4mm gauge is often used. The 19 refers to the overall depth created by the profile, in millimetres; the 1000 to the effective cover width - i.e. one metre. 0.4mm is the material gauge.

Construction sequence and methods of roof covering installation


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