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Drywall is now gaining its popularity for its user-friendly attribute. In every construction it is now used to construct the garage, store room, basement or the whole house. So the estimating for the drywall has become very important. The estimation for the drywall is based on the cost of per square footage of the surface.


First of all the estimator has to find out the amount of square feet required to cover the total surface. Then he figures out how many panels of drywall is needed to cover the whole space.

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According to the size of drywall usage there will be the estimated numbers of screw, amount of joint compounds and the quantity of wallboard tape in the drywall estimating sheet. Then the total expenditure for the materials according to the present market price will be calculated on the sheet. The number of drywallers and their daily wages will be also on the drywall estimating sheet. And at the end the total estimated amount will be displayed on the sheet. This way you can get a clear idea about the expenditure of drywall construction.


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