Advantages of cross wall construction

Cross wall construction stands for a building construction method. Under this system, the precast load-bearing walls are arranged perpendicular to the lateral axis of the building.

In cross wall construction, the load-bearing walls provide support to the floors, roofs and the beams. The structures built up with the cross wall method are structurally strong and cost-effective.

Given below, the construction details and the features of cross wall construction :-

Features of Cross Wall Construction: Under cross wall construction, the prefabricated walls are arranged in series. These load-bearing walls transmit the structural loads securely to the foundation devoid of any concrete or steel frame. They also serve as shear walls and safeguard the building against lateral movement.

Cross wall construction is ideal for the buildings which contain maximum of 5 stories where all the floors come with similar plans. The intermediate floor span among the load-bearing walls offers adequate lateral control.

If both the load-bearing walls and the floors belong to precast members, then a series of boxes should be created. This type of construction is normally defined as box frame construction.

Cross Wall Construction Systems:

1. Precast materials can be sent at the right moment.
2. The precast wall components are arranged both horizontally and vertically. They are grouted and attached according to the plan through hidden joints and ties.
3. Prior to finish the complete structure, mechanical & electrical installation works, finishing works and other multifaceted works on the walls should be finished.

The cross walls are attached with any of the following key connections:

1. Wall-to-wall by Horizontal Joints
2. Wall-to-wall by vertical joints
3. Wall to the base foundation

When the cross walls are placed along the floor, the front and the rear walls can be non-load bearing claddings. The connections among the non-load bearing walls and the cross walls should be designed and built up with a proper care to avoid moisture infiltration and other issues.

Advantage of Cross Wall Construction:

1. Cross wall construction forms a long-lasting structure.
2. The initial construction cost is fewer.
3. With regard to conventional construction method, cross wall construction method save huge time and cost.
4. The building built up is structurally strong that contains greater fire and acoustic separation among the nearby rooms.
5. The construction achieves good thermal mass.
6. Site co-ordination is simple at the time of providing cross wall construction.
7. The structure ensures superior security.
8. The maintenance cost of the structure developed with cross wall construction method is fewer.
9. No scaffoldings are required for cross wall construction.
10. The structure remains monolithic with good air tightness.

Advantages of cross wall construction