Curtain Wall Design Tips For Water Penetration & Condensation

Designing curtain walls to water penetration brings huge benefits for maintaining the security, thermal performance and comfort of the structure and residents.

The rain caused by wind and condensation create huge issue and it becomes complicated to handle when curtain wall is designed together with gravity, kinetic energy, capillary action and surface tension and the chances are enhanced for water ingression.

Get the detailed information on the design of curtain wall against the infiltration of water and condensation.

Design of Curtain wall for Water Infiltration and Condensation

? Wind driven rain and the possibility of water ingression
? Design of curtain wall to control water penetration
? Design of curtain walls to control condensation

Wind driven rain and possibility of water ingression

There are five different types of forces such as that contribute either partially or as a whole to the ingression of water may occur due to existence of five various types of forces like gravity, kinetic energy, capillary action, surface tension and air pressure difference.

The curtain wall is capable of resisting forces that enhances the chance of water penetration. It is dependent on glazing details, drainage details, frame construction, weather stripping and frame gaskets, perimeter flashings and sealings and interior sealants.

Wind loads create differentials pressure that may cause windblown rain. It exceeds gravity force and as a result forces water to stir ascending.

Surface tension properties and capillary effect of curtain wall elements are significantly impacted with thermal expansion of various building materials.

As for example, expansion or contraction of materials because of temperatures may tight expansion joints extremely and ultimately raise capillary action among different components of the curtain wall.

The surface tension properties of curtain wall may fluctuate because of contraction and expansion and bring about unwanted results. So, it is necessary to design movable joints, seals and gaskets to accommodate differential movements among various members.

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Curtain Wall Design Tips For Water Penetration & Condensation