How to determine the cutting length of stirrups

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Normally, the stirrups are assigned with its external dimensions. As for instance, a 250mm x 300mm stirrup contains the 250mm and 300mm dimensions in perpendicular directions as illustrated in the following figure.

Now, a stirrup contains 2 bends, in the following figures, the types of bends are given. Guideline of lowest bend length is adhered to Cl.3.8 of BIS2502 (illustrated in following figure).

The cutting length of stirrup should be calculated along along centre-line. The calculation is made on the basis of the Table VIII of BIS2502 (Fig 4) toward most common sizes of stirrups as illustrated.

In accordance with IS:2502 ? 1963 (reaffirmed 2004) Indian standard code for Bending and fixings of bars for concrete reinforcements.

Section 3.8 Binders, Stirrups, Links and the Like ? Toward binders, stirrups, links etc, the straight section apart end of the curve at the end should not be under eight times the nominal size of the bar.

It should be observed in Table VIII that the dimensions ?A?, ?E? or ?C? as demonstrated are all internal dimensions. But as external dimensions of any stirrup, determine the size of the stirrup, hence to work out cutting length, the internal dimensions are changed to external dimensions prior to apply the formula of cutting length.

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How to determine the cutting length of stirrups