Definition of mortar and it?s different types

Mortar is a useful construction material combined with cement, lime, fine aggregates (sand, surkhi), water and various types of admixtures. It is utilized in masonry construction to bind the masonry or structural units as well as fill & seal the spaces among the stone, bricks and cement blocks applied in construction. It comes in the form of a paste and sets solid.

Often decorative colors are included for the architectural purpose. When the mortar in exact ratios of two or more components is available in premix mortar form, it is known as ready mix mortar.

The purpose of ready mix mortar is to unite building materials, to accomplish pointing work and plaster work, develop an flat and soft bedding layers, develop joints of pipe, conceal the open joints of brickwork and stone, accomplish structure maintenance work etc.

Given below, the details of various types of ready mix mortar accessible in the market on the basis of their functionality and mixture of binding material.

01. Ready mix cement mortar
02. Ready mix lime mortar
03. Ready mix surkhi mortar
04. Ready mix cement lime mortar

Ready mix Cement mortar is admixture of cement and sand, where cement functions as a binding material. The ratio of cement to sand fluctuates from 1:2 to 1:6 on the basis of their strength necessary for a specific work.

Ready mix Lime Mortar is premix of lime and sand, where lime functions as a binding material. The proportion of lime to sand ratio is maintained as 1:2(1 part of dry lime is combined with 2 part of dry sand).

Ready mix Surkhi Mortar is premix of lime, surkhi and water. Lime to surkhi ratio is kept 1:2 (1 part of dry lime is mix with 2 part of dry surkhi). It is type of lime mortar where sand is replaced by surkhi for saving and potency. Surkhi stands for finely burnt clay particles and normally formed with slightly under burnt bricks. Good surkhi should be rinsed properly and does not contain any admixture of foreign substances.

Ready mix Cement Lime Mortar is premix of Cement, lime and sand, where cement and lime function as binding materials. It is recognized as combination or gauge ready mix mortar. The formation of cement to lime mortar by volume is approximately 1:6 to 1:9. This type of mortar combination (i.e. lime and cement) is considered as tough, solid and cost-effective.

Ready mix mortar is obtainable in 5 kg (For Repairing), 25 kg and 50kg bags. Water should have been added on the construction site following specific work requirement.

Adding water in premix on the construction site should be done on the basis of IS Code or as suggested by an engineer in charge. In recent times, special mortar is utilized for the repair and maintenance purpose which contain properties like the free flow and high strength with regard to the normal mortar.

Based on their function, better shelf life and strength, several brands are found in the market with cost of Rs150to Rs700 per 50 kg bag of ready mix Mortar.

Definition of mortar and it?s different types