How to design a beam in excel with coefficient method

This construction video tutorial sifts through the process for evaluating engineering drawing easily.

This construction video tutorial provides detailed guidelines on how to use excel based spreadsheet to design a beam. Here coefficient method is applied for designing purpose.

The calculation is made on the basis of the following drawings :-

a. Typical floor plan
b. Ground floor plan
c. Column Layout
d. Beam Column Layout

The coefficient method refers to a rapid hand-system that can be used for computing the moments in two-way slabs supported with edge beams. This method was initially contained in the 1963 edition of the ACI code as a method for creating design of two-way slabs which are supported on all four sides through walls, steel beams, or deep beams. The most recent version of the ACI code 318 does not contain the coefficient method but you can apply it for two slab systems with edge beams.

This method employs tables of moment coefficients for different types of slab edge conditions. The coefficients are dependent on elastic analysis but also comprises of considerations for inelastic moment redistribution.

To learn the complete process, watch the following video tutorial.

How to design a beam in excel with coefficient method