How to design a gabion retaining wall with Tekla Tedds

In this construction video tutorial, you will learn how to use Tekla Tedds for making calculations of gabion retaining wall analysis and design with adherence to the Eurocode to verify the strength of a gabion retaining wall from sliding overturning. Besides, it is also possible to find out the maximum and minimum base pressure underneath the wall.

A gabion retaining wall is built up with stacked stone-filled gabions which are attached together with wire. Gabion walls are generally battered (angled back towards the slope), or stepped back with the slope, in spite of stacked vertically. Besides, galvanized steel wire, PVC-coated and stainless steel wire are also utilized. This type of retaining wall is very effective for erosion control applications.

Tekla Tedds is a robust software that can be used to automate your tedious structural calculations. The users can select from one or more of the extensive calculation libraries.

The users will also be able to write their own, and generate professional documentation every time. It is also possible to integrate the structural calculations with 2D frame analysis.

The users can get access to the following extensive library of design modules.

? Loading - Seismic and Wind
? Analysis - Continuous Beams and Rolling Load
? Steel Design - Beams, Torsion, Columns
? Connections - Base Plates and Bolts

Tekla Tedds offer the following benefits :-

a. Get access of an expansive library of structural and civil calculations.
b. Employ a single solution for all common components & materials.
c. Reap benefits from a simple and intuitive interface.
d. Generate apparent calculations which can be simply analyzed.
e. Make comparison among various design options and create modifications instantly.
f. Create consistent documentation.
g. Improve your Quality Assurance processes.
h. Obtain new and improved calculations and code updates regularly.

To get online demonstration of Tekla Tedds, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tekla Software

How to design a gabion retaining wall with Tekla Tedds