Design of concrete structures ? An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students

DESIGN OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES is an exclusive e-book for construction professionals. The book contains 612 pages.

The book primarily focuses on various processes which are required to design the concrete structures with adherence to IS 456-2000 (Plain and Reinforced Concrete?Indian Standard Code of Practice, 4th revision, Bureau of Indian Standards).

It provides special attention to the limit state method in order to demonstrate the allowable limits for the safety and serviceability requirements of structures.

The book sheds light on yield line analysis for slabs as well as the working stress method and how it is applied for creating the design of reinforced concrete tension members; theory of redistribution of moments, the earthquake proof design of structures.

The book is well supported with several solved problems along with step-by-step calculations. The application of SP-16 (Design Aids for Reinforced Concrete to IS: 456?1978) is also briefly discussed in resolving the issues.

The books contain the following exclusive features :-

1. Instructional Objectives provided at the starting of the chapter point out to vital concepts.
2. Summary at the end of the chapter is provided to facilitate student revise key points.
3. Sixty-nine solved illustrative examples demonstrate step-by-step calculations.

4. Chapter-end exercises are provided to evaluate student?s understanding of the concepts.
5. There are forty tests to allow the students to measure their skills for actual exams.
6. This wide-ranging text is very effective for undergraduate students of civil engineering and architecture as well as professional engineers.

Go through the following video tutorial to learn how WTF aluminum form is set up in high rise structure.

Design of concrete structures ? An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students