How to make design of concrete corbel with spreadsheet

If you want to be familiar with the detailed process necessary for creating the design of a RCC Corbel in excel based spreadsheet following ACI 95, then you should go through the following construction video tutorial.

In architectural term a corbel stands for a structural piece (a type of bracket) made of stone, wood or metal that is overhanged from a wall to bear an oppressive weight. In brief, a corbel refers to a solid piece of material in the wall.

Corbels are mostly utilized in precast concrete construction to provide support to main beams and girders.

ACI 318-95/318R-95 is defined as building code requirements for Structural Concrete & Commentary.

ACI 318-95 offers good information to the engineers and designer. The most significant modification included in the new code is that references to "reinforced concrete" are turned into "structural concrete."

To learn the complete process, watch the following video tutorial.

How to make design of concrete corbel with spreadsheet